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QUESTION: What goes into / what do I need to build a website?
ANSWER: There are several items you will need.
1. A domain name
2. A hosting provider
3. A framework (unless a custom site)
4. The content (languages, logo, products)


QUESTION: What is a domain name?
ANSWER: A domain name is your 'internet address'. For example, is a domain name, is a domain name. You register your name with a Registrar. We prefer, but there are many. We recommend you do not register your domain with GoDaddy, ask us why.


QUESTION: What is a hosting provider?
ANSWER: On your computer, you store files on your 'hard drive'. A 'host' is just a special computer, called a web server, that stores the files that make up your website. Wix and Weebly are free hosting providers, best utilized by simple sites. Whenever possible, we recommend Wix and Weebly. If your site requires more complex behavior or control, we provide hosting services, and we also recommend or


QUESTION: What is content?
ANSWER: This is the information and media unique to your website. The content includes all of the custom information what will be displayed on your website. Not just the words, but also the pictures, videos, business or personal address and contact info, the links to your specific social media pages, the products that you offer for sale. The content is what makes your site stand out from the rest.


QUESTION: What is a framework?
ANSWER: A framework is also called a 'Content Management System'. Framework provide two main advantages. First, they allow for much more rapid development, as much of the work is already done. Second, they allow for easier editing by non-programmers. The most popular framework in the world is Wordpress. It is estimated that over 80% of all websites world-wide are running on Wordpress. At, we are extremely familiar with Wordpress and recommend it for the majority of sites that we work on.


QUESTION: What is an e-commerce website?
ANSWER: An e-commerce website is an online store that allows visitors to the site to purchase something and is one of the most complicated endeavors related to setting up a new website. All e-commerce sites need a shopping cart, this is what the users put items into, to create their personalized order. Every e-commerce sites needs a payment provider that deals with receiving and managing the payment options, be they PayPal only or also credit cards, as an example of common options. Next an e-commerce site needs from one to many products, items that users can buy. Finally, if the products are physical goods, then the site needs a mechanism to create shipping orders. Often setting up the e-commerce portion of a site takes as long or longer than setting up the rest of the site combined.


QUESTION: What is a fully custom website?
ANSWER: This is a website built from scratch, built by hand and without a framework. This is only necessary when your site becomes a global leader and high performance is a vital concern. For 99% of the sites out there, using a framework is a better way to go as it is much faster, and thus far less expensive.


QUESTION: Why does a custom logo cost so much?
ANSWER: Behind the pretty pictures and colors, on the back-end, most websites are very similar. That's why graphics are so important to a site, they are unique and show the personality of the people behind the site. It takes longer to create a unique, memorable and professional logo than it does to create a simple website, as with most things, anything custom is time consuming. At Potecnia we take custom graphics seriously, and we think our work speaks for itself. Although we find you get what you pay for, not every project needs unique, professional graphics. There are many ways to get a cheaper logo made for your project online, and we have no problem working with graphics from external providers or clients themselves.


QUESTION: How do you accept payment?
ANSWER: We accept direct bank to bank transfers and cash. We also accept PayPal as long as you are willing to cover the fees.


QUESTION: How long does it take to build a website?
ANSWER: About a month is a good standard. However, the number of pages and overall complexity of the site affects the time-line drastically. We find usually it takes clients longer to get all of their content together than it does to build the structure for the actual site.


QUESTION: What is the best thing about working with the folks at
ANSWER: We love to help you master the web and we have fun while doing it! "A good deal is a deal that is good for all". A wise proverb and words we live by, from our good friend Susan Davis.


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